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This is a small departure that we are calling Addendum. These episodes will be released on different days from the main interviews and are even less formal. They may include me, or may not. Their purpose is to generate discussion on topics to be hashed out in the Facebook group found at unstructuredp. 
This first episode is with Isaiah Gooley who does the lead-in music and sound engineering on the podcast. He visited me in Hampton and we had a short session about college and labor.

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What is innovation? That is the question for Adam Hansen, Innovation Expert and author of the book "Outsmart Your Instincts: How the Behavioral Innovation Approach Drives Your Company Forward"
In this interview, we explore Adam's history, his path to becoming an innovator, and ask the question - what is innovation? 

You can find Adam online at the following:

Twitter: @adhansen
His book on Amazon:


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David Rollins is an international best selling author of 14 books described by Nelson DeMille as “Non-stop action” and “Superb suspense.”
He is also the director of the new controversial documentary Trial of Midnight Rider: Railroaded in the Deep South. 

You can find David online:

Web -
Twitter - @davidrollins1
Facebook -
nstagram -


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From being the top ranked Amateur, then Professional Ironman competitor, to setting the course record for Ironman to coaching hundreds of elite athletes, Tim “Lucho” Waggoner has seen much in endurance sports. We discuss his career, what drives him and his athletes and his extremely popular podcast Ask the Coaches on Endurance Planet.

Lucho's Twitter: 

Endurance Planet Website:




Race Results as Tim Luchinske:

Race Results as Tim Waggoner:

Race Results from Ultras:

Ultimate Direction Promo:


Sian Welch & Wendy Ingraham - The Crawl - 1997Purchase the story of the 1997 Ironman World Championship at

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The intrepid Hunter Maats joins Unstructered for its first episode. As I am a Mixed Mental Arts fan and community member, it's only appropriate. As the co-host of Mixed Mental Arts and the co-author of The Straight-A-Conspiracy, Hunter has a lot to share with the world. We explore what has been a major influence on his life - family.

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