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December 19, 2020

Avinoam Sapir Invented SCAN - The Precursor to Statement Analysis

Avinoam Sapir is the developer of the SCAN technique ("Scientific Content Analysis"), a method for analyzing statements in order to "read between the lines" and extract significant information that an ordinary reading of the text does not reveal. It can be applied to any text, regardless of the circumstances in which the text was written, and without any prior information regarding the identity or personality of the writer of the text. SCAN analyzes a text or statement strictly according to the words used. Mr Sapir served in Israeli Military Intelligence and the Israeli Police Polygraph. He holds a B.A. in both Psychology and Criminology, and an M.A. in Criminology. During the past few decades, Mr Sapir has conducted training in interviewing for various government agencies in Israel, the US, Canada, and several other countries around the world. He developed the SCAN technique by conducting extensive research into verbal communication, looking into the linguistic behavior used by people in communication. The SCAN technique is currently being used in many police departments and other government agencies in many countries.


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