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May 27, 2019

David Hooper chats about the music industry and podcasting

David Hooper has been in Podcasting for 15 years and is the author of the tome - "Build a Big Podcast." At first he was on the radio and podcasting was his secondary thing until Dave Jackson really turned him onto it. Before taking up podcasting, as a radio guy he saw people in Podcasting as super nerds. Then he started and it turned out to be enjoyable. We have a super informal and wide-ranging chat about the music industry and podcasting.


In this Episode: 

  • Podcasting
  • Music Business
  • Gene Simmons
  • Born in Nashville 
  • Music industry
  • Similarities of Podcasting to Music Industry
  • Where will Podcasting go?
  • Comparison of Radio and Podcasting
  • Problem about Podcasting: good news was “easier than ever to get in the Podcasting” and bad news, “easier than ever to get in the Podcasting” 
  • Validating your rate in Podcasting
  • Difference of between people from Music World and people from Podcasting
  • Dozen books of David
  • Hustle or deliberate practice: how to succeed?
  • One most important thing you can see a new show doing to succeed?


Quotes from this Episode: 

“Same way in Podcasting you can be a superstar in smaller markets.” – David Hooper

“I just assumed everybody knew who’s possible to make a living with your ideas, creativity, put you on a show and people come to it.” – David Hooper 

“Bringing you own personality, the things that you have learned along the way but not being afraid to have an opinion and share it. I think if you are bringing that into your Podcast, it don’t have to be an act just has to be you; that is going to help you to attract people.” – David Hooper 

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