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September 9, 2021

Deep Cover DEA Legend Mike Levine and The Big White Lie Pt 1

Michael Levine has over 3000 arrests and 15000 years of time allotted to his work. But he then came out to reveal bad actions of the CIA and the hopelessness of the "drug wars" with his books "Deep Cover" and "The Big White Lie." 
He also worked with Gary Webb who wrote Dark Alliance

Original livestream on YouTube 

You can find Mike Levine's books below (Affiliate Links)
The Big White Lie: The Deep Cover Operation That Exposed the CIA Sabotage of the Drug War 
Deep Cover: The Inside Story of How DEA Infighting, Incompetence and Subterfuge Lost Us the Biggest Battle of the Drug War 
FIGHT BACK: How to Take Back Your Neighborhood, Schools, and Families from the Drug Dealers 
Triangle of Death


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