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June 20, 2019

Dr Christopher Metzler wants to Make America Nice Again

Dr. Christopher Metzler is a Political Pundit, Global Strategist, Legal Scholar, Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Celebrity Crisis Manager. He is best known for going beyond the talking points with in-depth reasoning, modern-day voice, and analysis. He has regular appearances on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News, Al Jazeera, HLN, Newsmax, CNBC, OAN, WHDT TV, BBC, Tv ONE, News One, Celebrity Page TV, Afterbuzz and more. He has an educational background at the University of Oxford and Columbia University also obtained a Ph.D. in International Legal Philosophy from The University of Aberdeen. Today, he is a Senior Fellow at the Thomas Jefferson University Institute of Emerging Health Professions — home of The Sidney Kimmel School of Medicine.

In this Episode: 

  • Black and Conservative
  • Touch of Corruption in Government
  • What is Conservative vs. what is Libertarian?
  • Where do conservative depart from Libertarianism?
  • You as conservative, there could be a touch in moral guidance?
  • Shame
  • Populist
  • Mission Statement: “To make America nice again.”
  • Populist
  • Congress abdicated their responsibilities
  • other problem: senators who represent state so state power to be there
  • Lessons Dr. Said (Term limits, Politician's responsibilities, Education, influence of the unions of our lives, media)
  • Force diversity of thought integration
  • Problem identifying who are the racist
  • Divided we stand the search for America soul: book


Quotes from this Episode: 

“Conservative is traditionally when you are talking about someone first and foremost believes in the fundamental nature of the constitution; That is we do not believe that in fact the constitution is to be interpreted.” – Dr. Christopher Metzler

“When you look at Libertarian you’re talking about looking at political philosophy movements that uphold a core principle, freedom of choice piece, I’m not sure how far they take their freedom of choice because we always have that debate and another thing the whole notion we can do whatever you want as long as you respect the right of the person to do the same.” – Dr. Christopher Metzler

“Think about ideas is that we get to work through ideas no matter what the differences are, we get to work to similarities and differences.” – Dr. Christopher Metzler


Dr. Christopher Metzler






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