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December 31, 2020

Jeff Dougherty is a Trial Consultant from Litigation IQ

Jeff Dougherty earned an M.S. degree in Psychology and completed additional post-graduate studies in Jury Research and Jury Psychology at the only program of its kind in the country. Since 2002 Mr. Dougherty has applied his educational training and jury psychology experience to a broad range of civil litigation across the country. His jury consulting experience throughout his career has included designing and conducting mock trials and focus groups; synthesizing jury research findings into winning trial strategies; crafting questions and assisting in jury selection; facilitating shadow juries; and conducting post-trial juror interviews. One of Mr. Dougherty’s specialties is helping witnesses prepare for deposition and trial testimony, with a special emphasis on uncovering and resolving the emotional, psychological, and communication barriers to effective testimony. Mr. Dougherty has presented numerous continuing legal education seminars around the country and has written in the areas of understanding juror decision making, the impact of nonverbal communication on witness effectiveness, improving witness communication in depositions and at trial, storytelling in opening statements, and the impact of ideology on jury decision making. He has also been published on techniques for effectively preparing witnesses to testify in depositions and at trial, avoiding the traps of cross-examination, and on the reasons medical professionals struggle to testify in depositions and at trial. As a trial consultant Mr. Dougherty provides insight into jury behavior and juror expectations to assist trial counsel and clients pursue the most efficacious litigation strategies. Check out the Litigation IQ Channel (be sure to subscribe) -

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