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June 27, 2019

JJ Hensley - From Secret Service Agent to Thriller Writer

J.J. Hensley was a police officer for a few years and then became a US Secret Service Special Agent in Virginia and is now a Federal Law Enforcement trainer along with being a thriller writer.

His first novel RESOLVE was named one of the BEST BOOKS OF 2013 by Suspense Magazine and was named a finalist for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers organization.


In this Episode: 

  • Learning about a bit more Secret Service, Treasury Service, and Home and Security
  • Secret Service handles any cases
  • Secret Service stations
  • Secret Service has large organization (local and state elements)
  • Mr. Hensley preferred detailed job and advance work
  • Creating imaginations in scenarios
  • Example day that really stands out for you in Secret Service life
  • How do you get the mental switch to flip to where you chase toward a danger away from it?
  • Requirements in getting in to the secret service
  • What makes you decide to go straight to the place?
  • Huge audio book fan of David Baldacci
  • Books regarding protecting details
  • Books published by J.J. Hensley
  • What do you prefer: Reading in print or audio?


Quotes from this Episode: 

“If you are working in a Secret Service you will be standing next to the President and Vice-President whoever some point, just by the nature of the job you’ll be staying next to the stage.” –J.J. Hensley

“The certain requirements they look are age requirements and physical requirements, and you have to pass the background, meet the demands, wiling to move whenever they tell you to move and travel whenever they tell you to travel.” –J.J. Hensley

“The support we get from the writing community is just phenomenal, one of the uncomfortable things that I ever have to do with writing is to get blurbs that the whole quotes at the back of the book. You send the manuscript out and hope that somebody with a huge name is going to give you blurbs.” –J.J. Hensley



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