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May 21, 2019

Sheila Wysocki is a PI who never gives up on victims

Sheila Wysocki has an amazing story of living one life and later discovering that she wanted to do something else. In 2004, she became Private Investigator for the sole purpose of solving the case of her roommate, Angela Samota, who was murdered in 1984. Her dogged determination to solve cases captivated the media as well as the hearts of America and beyond.

In 2010 she was about to retire from cases with her roommate's killer convicted but decided In 2013 to take on other cases. As of now, she continues being private investigator and well described as the Voice for the Voiceless. She even entered podcasting world to get tips in her current cases for a great success.

In this Episode: 

  • How Sheila is being funded?
  • The Murder case of her roommate
  • Why do prosecutors fight DNA tests on cases of convicted felons?
  • Having trouble with Law Enforcement
  • A reporter who lost his job
  • Hanlon’s Razor?
  • A Lance Armstrong analogy - Is this cascade of errors or just people keep on dabbling down to cover themselves?
  • FBI
  • The Reason Sheila appears in People Magazine, 20/20, Dateline Crime Watch and Daily Mail
  • Private Investigators that she is mentoring
  • Typical recent work day
  • What kind of emotional toll that is taken on her and her family?

Quotes from this Episode: 

  • “They have to have a 100000 dollars. That’s not the fee. That’s the process fee of getting expert and getting their case in truly investigations.” – Sheila Wysocki
  • “In my cases the reason it cost too much is because I insist that we have everything” – Sheila Wysocki
  • “The best if you are handled the case for me, you have had the best experts like a hydrologists who even knew what that was before.” –Sheila Wysocki
  • “I don't want to tell the parents, 'this is what happened, and it wasn’t what happened'. I want to scientifically prove what happened.” – Shiela Wysocki
  • “Thank God for all the scientific trace evidence advancements.” – Sheila Wysocki
  • “The best thing to me is to move on and expose it.” – Sheila Wysocki
  • “The best thing ever is to expose who they are, you know I don’t believe in revenge now I'll stand up for myself but I don’t believe in revenge including my clients.” – Sheila Wysocki
  • “I'm going to be the person telling the truth.” – Sheila Wysocki



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